The Hubermann Lab podcast

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The Huberman Lab podcast ( covers one topic in depth for approximately one month. New episodes appear each Monday: Just in time for a fresh start into a new week!

Andrew Huberman is an Ophthalmologist and Neurobiologist at Stanford University. Independent from his position at Stanford, he provides zero-cost information to the  public via his “Huberman Lab Podcast”, which can be accessed via YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The podcast covers a broad range of topics including neuronal plasticity, muscle growth during sleep, and stress and anxiety – to name only a few.

The content does not only include tips for improving one’s life but also the neuroscientific basis underlying such recommendations. It can serve as an excursion into topics that do not play a big role during your current scientific endeavor, but may be related to it. Furthermore, it can serve as an introduction to anybody entering the neuroscientific field.

Depending on your background, it can be an interesting journey into new territory. It can satisfactorily add to your knowledge and  educate you beyond your project. It might also be a soothing recapitulation of content you already know and can reassure you that you are  not as narrowly educated as you may sometimes feel.

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