Defense Rehearsal: Anandamide signaling in resilience to stress-induced behavioral dysregulation


Defense Rehearsals with Margaryta Tevosian

we are very happy to invite you to our next defense rehearsal (PhD, Transmed):

Margaryta Tevosian

PhD Candidate (Transmed)

From AG Lutz, Institute of Physiological Chemistry, UMC Mainz

(& NGC’s very own designer/photographer!)

Will present her thesis titled:

"Anandamide signaling in resilience to stress-induced behavioral dysregulation".

Thursday, June 17th 2020 at 17:00

On Zoom

For those of you who have never attended such an event:  we offer the possibility for PhD candidates to rehearse their defense talk in a friendly peer-to-peer environment, with participants from different labs and backgrounds (to also provide fresh pairs of eyes), to ask relevant questions, give extensive and constructive input as well as tips on how to improve the presentation, to help the candidate prepare the best way possible for their actual talk.


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