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Feedly: A useful tool to keep your bibliography up-to-date.

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As scientists, being up-to-date with our bibliography is essential and we don’t want to miss any crucial articles that could help us in our work. Perhaps some of you already weekly visit the homepage of your most favorite journals to check the latest publications, but for those who don’t, I can offer you a solution. Feedly ( is an aggregator of RSS flux which gathers news feeds from different online sources. This service allows you to subscribe to the RSS flux of your favorites journals (for example Science, PNAS, Neuron…) to receive and gather all their news in one place. Feedly has the advantage to be completely customizable: you can follow as many websites as you want (scientific or not) and organize them in folders by theme, for example like blogs, journals, podcasts, YouTube channels…

This application can be used in web browsers and smartphones running iOS and Android and it will synchronize your feeds on all your devices. There are also options to share your reading by mail, LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter and others. Once you read the article, you can mark it as “read” and hide all read articles to clean the space. With this function, you can avoid mixing what you have already read and what you still have to cover.

I hope that this tool will help you to stay up-to-date with your bibliography in a more efficient way. Please share in the comments section if you have other tips concerning the scientific surveillance!

Written by Isabelle Arnoux; Edited by Chiara Galante. Featured Image: NGC/Design.

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