Our Mission

Bringing together early career scientists

The Neuroscience Graduates’ Colloquium is a network of young life science researchers in Mainz. It is run by young scientists, for young scientists and aims to facilitate communication and exchange between local early career researchers. NGC is expanding its network to all disciplines of the life sciences, and provides a forum for the discussion of topics relevant to young researchers in an informal atmosphere.

Organizing Scientific Talks

NGC welcomes different forms of presentations, including works-in-progress of your research or general discussion panels on science policy. Moreover, we are glad to host practice talks to help you get ready for your poster presentation or your first conference talk. And if you want to nail the PhD defense, come and have a defense rehearsal with us!

Everybody can join and invite other colleagues, and we welcome volunteers or suggestions for meetings’ presentations!

Exploring career perspectives

NGC also organises Career Talks and Workshops. Our speakers are life science alumni who share insights into their new career, including details about the daily life on the job, opportunities for advancements and the skills required to get hired.

Social Events

NGC regularly organises social events in which local early career researchers can get to know each other and expand their network.

Our Team

Mirjam, NGC Manager

Mirjam is a chemist by education, but her PhD studies turned her into a C. elegans girl. An avid sailor at heart, she now navigates the deep waters of in vivo studies of neuronal homeostasis. When she’s not engrossed in picking worms, you can spot her sailing the seven seas, enjoying the wind in her hair!

Chiara, NGC Career Events & Communications Manager

During her PhD, she studied in vivo glia-to-neuron conversion. Now, she has joined the ranks of a dynamic scientific management team, and scouts social media opportunities. When not reading books or exploring the world of sci-fi, she might be baking in her kitchen. Don’t worry, she has everything under control!

Fazi, NGC Deputy Spokesperson & PR

Always busy with at least five different things at the same time, Fazi is out investigating the impact of certain RAB GTPases on autophagy. When not in the cell culture, she is most probably hunting down the next epic fantasy (audio)book. She genuinely enjoys teaching, loves reading, cooking… and eating. Just be careful not to cross her when she’s hungry!

Evrydiki, NGC Events Organiser

Evrydiki studied Pharmacology, but after a few internships abroad, Molecular Biology stole her heart and she chose to do a Master’s Degree and PhD in this field. Besides her genuine passion for reading and writing, she also loves playing the piano. When she is not at the microscope or in the cell culture, you can find her either playing a Rachmaninoff prelude or cooking Greek spécialités.

Karla, NGC Communications Officer

Karla, born and raised in Mexico. She has a Master's degree in plant biotechnology and currently she studies replicative aging in yeast for her PhD. She is passionate about research, science communication, cooking for people, travelling, adventures in the nature and at home she explores all the DIY-crafts she can think of.

Dalmira, NGC Communications Officer

Dalmira has always been curious about the biology of life. She followed her curiosity and developed a passion for small biomolecules, which led her to a Master degree in Protein engineering and Evolution. Currently, Dalmira is a PhD student with a strong interest in protein-protein interactions in healthy and pathological states. In her spare time, she likes to play the piano, do yoga, hike, write and of course, have fun with family and friends!

Heiko, IT & Data protection officer

Usually hidden in the electrophysiology lab, he can also be spotted running around the lab with soldering irons, wires, aluminum foil and similar items, cursing electrical noise or the solubility of lipids. When not studying the influence of synaptic lipids on excitability, he competes in “Magic: the Gathering” tournaments around the globe!

Margaryta, NGC Designer

When she is not at the microscope, you can find her either dealing with behavioural experiments or trying out different tissue clearing methods. Sometimes, you might catch her running to the seminar room with her camera: let the photoshoot begin! On running-free days, she enjoys traveling around the world.

Isabelle, Blog Writer

After a post-doc in Mainz, she is now pursuing her academic career in her hometown, Paris. Passionate about writing, she enjoys communicating the latest outcomes of science and remains an important contributor to NGC’s editorial team. Don’t hesitate to comment on the blog’s articles for fruitful exchanges!

John, NGC Blog Editor

John is no stranger to switching fields and countries. He is from Malaysia and has studied in Australia, Ireland, and now, Germany! He started with Medical Bioscience, then moved to Biomolecular Sciences for his Masters, and is currently working with budding yeast to elucidate mechanisms of quality control for mislocalised proteins for his PhD. He has a liking for photography, travel, and getting new plants to add to his green corner!

Jie Shi (Debbie), NGC Blog Editor

Debbie has always been fond of biology and is currently doing her PhD in molecular biology. Her project revolves around the motor protein Myosin VI and she aims to investigate its functions in DNA repair as well as DNA replication. In her free time, she is either working out at the gym or relaxing on her sofa watching Netflix. Of course, when the weather is nice and the flowers are blooming, you will also see her outside with her camera.

Max, NGC Associate

You'll probably find him in the cell culture lab, researching the interaction of Sigmar1 and autophagy, or in close proximity to the coffee machine. For him, a life without coffee is possible, but meaningless. Yes, he's definitely coffee addicted. The kitchen is his second lab, where he loves to try out new recipes and reinvent old ones. Otherwise, you'll find him reading or playing games with friends.

Former NGC Team Members


NGC Meetings' Organizer 2016-2018


NGC Treasurer 2016-2019


NGC Editor 2017-2020


NGC Associate 2019-2021